DUI/DUII Attorney in Klamath Falls

DUI IMAGEConviction for DUI/DUII brings many mandatory and discretionary penalties; including fines, license suspension, community service and jail. An attorney can assess the strength of the State’s case against you, advise you of the risks associated with a conviction, can negotiate a favorable resolution, and can represent you in the court proceedings.


Successful completion of the Oregon DUII diversion program will result in the dismissal of your DUII charge, and you will avoid most of the mandatory penalties (jail time, fines, additional license) required for a DUII conviction. Diversion is an attractive option for many people facing a first time DUII charge.

Implied consent suspension

If you fail or refuse a breath test the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license. This suspension typically begins 30-days after your arrest, and the duration of the suspension varies based on various factors.

DMV hearings

You can request an appeal of the proposed suspension for failing or refusing the test, but you must act quickly. If requested before 5pm on the 10th day following arrest, a hearing will be scheduled by the DMV, to consider your appeal. Contact Cole Chase at 541-887-0208, for more information.