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You’ve worked hard to earn what you have and Wills and Trusts are estate planning tools that permit one to enjoy their property during life and then pass the unused portion to whomever they choose, with the least possible shrinkage in value.

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National Firearms Act Gun Trusts

A NFA trust is a legal instrument and estate planning tool which can be used to acquire NFA (Class 3*) weapons, suppressors and devices. A gun trust may own many NFA items and it is not necessary to create a separate trust for each NFA item. NFA trusts may also own other, non-NFA property.

If you want to have multiple people with lawful access to Class 3 devices, or if you want to streamline the transfer of Class 3 devices (ATF Form 4), a NFA Trust might be right for you.

*Class 3 is an occupational tax, and not a type of firearm or device. As used here, the term Class 3 refers to devices subject to the Class 3 occupational tax. Alternatively, these could be referred to as Title II devices under the NFA.